Otodus megalodon - Virginia

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An ultra rare, Top Quality Red Site Carcharocles megalodon posterior tooth from the Pamunkey River, Virginia. A rich copper-red color. Great color! The enamel is the highest quality. The serrations are sharp and complete with a great tip serration. Bourlette is dark brown and mostly dentin layer. The root is complete. Definitely a Miocene Meg with serration bumps at base. Note - you rarely see a copper red colored Megalodon tooth that has a top quality crown and serrations and a complete root. No repair or restoration. An old collection piece from the rarest location to find a top quality Megalodon tooth - rarer than Chile, Peru, Bone Valley, etc. Authenticity guaranteed.  A fantastic color tooth.

VA03           SIZE: 3-15/16" 

Posting 22 scarce Virginia shark teeth in September 2021.     Link to Virginia teeth.