Denversaurus scute

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An EXTRA LARGE, High Quality Denversaurus schlessmani osteoderm (bony armor plate) from the late Cretaceous of northern North AmericaAn August Fossil of the Month. Denversaurus schlessmani was the Nodosaur which grew to 20 feet and 6000 pounds, and a body covered with this heavy bony armor. Nodosaur armor plates are thicker than the Ankylosaur plates. A complete body osteoderm plate from an adult Denversaurus. The bone is excellent quality with excellent color / patina. No cracks or restoration. Legally collected on private land in the Lance Creek Fm., Niobrara Co., Wyoming. Authenticity guaranteed. A collector's quality Nodosaur osteoderm. I do not see large ostederms very often.

DK24         SIZE: 5-1/2"  x  4-1/2" 

Note - Adding 10 new Ankylosaur - Nodosaur fossils in Auugust 2021.       Link to Ankylosaur fossils catalog.