Ankylosaurus scute

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A Top Quality Ankylosaurus osteoderm (bony armor plate) from the late Cretaceous of northern North AmericaAnkylosaurus magniventris was the largest Ankylosaur which grew to 30 feet and 17000 pounds, and a body covered with this bony armor. A complete body osteoderm plate from a juvenile Ankylosaurus. The bone is excellent quality with excellent color / patina. No cracks or restoration. Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Powder River Co., Montana. Authenticity guaranteed. A collector's quality Ankylosaur osteoderm. 

DK26         SIZE: 1-1/2"  x  1" 

Note - Adding 10 new Ankylosaur - Nodosaur fossils in Auugust 2021.       Link to Ankylosaur fossils catalog.