Rolfodon ludvigseni

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A Very Rare, Top Quality (Gem) Rolfodon ludvigseni tooth from Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada. An August Fossil of the Month. This is a new genius from the Late Cretaceous deep water Northumberland Formation deposit. A unique species of Chlamydoselachiform shark, the Frill shark. These teeth exhibit classic Frill shark design with a central cusp flanked by two lateral cusps. A lateral tooth. The crown is complete and the root is complete. Note - two crown ends were very neatly reattached without fill or gaps which is typical for a matrix free specimen. Crack lines are hard to see without magnification. Highest quality enamel. No repair. A very difficult tooth to locate and an excellent collector's tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. This incredible specimen is from a 20 year old collection. A fantastic Frill shark specimen!

CD92              SIZE: 5/16"  Wide 

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