Tyrannosaurus rex

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A rare, Top Quality Tyrannosaurus rex tooth - a large T. rex tooth. This tooth measures 2".  The enamel has decent color and patina. Anterior and posterior serrations are worn from tumbling, but you can see there location. No hydration cracks or breaks. This base is wide -  a tooth from an adult Rex. Note - Tooth has some root etching and erosion from being carried in a stream prior to fossilization. 100% natural tooth. No repair or restoration. T-Rex was the apex during the late Cretaceous with massive teeth capable of crushing its prey. See the detailed description to determine how to tell a real T-Rex tooth! Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Carter Co., Montana. Authenticity guaranteed.  

DT05        SIZE: 2"    (Base : 1" x 15/16")

Note - Adding 6 T. rex teeth in August 2021. Link to T. rex teeth --> T. rex teeth