Otodus (Carcharocles) megalodon Copper Red Site

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An ultra rare, MASSIVE Top Quality Classic Red Site Otodus (Carcharocles) megalodon from the Meherrin River, North Carolina. This Meg is an incredible upper jaw anterior tooth. NC001 has copper-red color and olive colors. Good color! The enamel is the high quality with exceptional gloss. The serrations are essentially complete with some wear. Bourlette is brown and 60% complete. The root is massive, extra wide (5"), and complete. A very well preserved tooth. Note - you rarely see a BIG copper red colored Megalodon tooth that has a quality crown and serrations and a complete root - a top tooth from this site! NO repair or restoration. An old collection piece from the rarest location to find a top quality Megalodon tooth - rarer than Chile, Peru, Bone Valley, etc. Authenticity guaranteed. A very special BIG Meg tooth. Weighs ~1.25 pounds! A rare high quality 6" Meherrin River tooth!

NC001         SIZE: 6-1/4"   (5" W)

Adding 6 NC Copper-Red Megalodon teeth in July 2021.  Link to NC Red Megalodon teeth.