Carcharodon carcharias

C201 BoP
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An ULTRA RARE, MONSTER Great White shark transition tooth, Carcharodon hubbelli from Chile. A BIG upper jaw lateral tooth. A June Fossil of the Month. This tooth has a tan colored crown, a distinct gum line, and a brown root. Good color! Highest quality enamel with little hydration cracks and no peeling. This C. hubbelli tooth has medium serrations at the base of the cutting edge, transition to fine serrations at mid crown and disappear towards the tip. Serrations are large at the base with a good tip serration. The root is extra wide. Note - the root root lobe was cracked and probably reatttached - hard to see. Excellent preservation - note nutrient hole on root. No repair or restoration. An exceptional Great White transition form!  It will be extremely difficult to locate Carcharodon hubbelli. A super rare collector's tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. 

C201 BoP        Size: 2-3/4"    (2" W)

Note - Adding 32 Chilean Great White teeth in June 2021       Link to Great White shark teeth