Carcharocles megalodon

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A TOP QUALITY, Classic Lee Creek Megalodon tooth - upper jaw ANTERIOR tooth from Aurora, No. Carolina. This Megalodon has an incredible tan & blue colored crown with solid tan stripe at the base and a brown colored bourlette. Highest quality enamel. Incredible color! The bourlette is excellent, large and nearly complete. The serrations are razor sharp with a few damaged. The root is an excellent tan color and nicely articulated with no hydration crack. This Megalodon tooth was found in the Yorktown Formation, Lee Creek mine, Aurora, No. Carolina (Pliocene age = 4.5 MYA). One of the finest examples of a Classic Lee Creek Megalodon tooth considering the shape, color, and preservation. An exceptional color collector's tooth from the old days at Lee Creek mine! NO repair or restoration! Authenticity guaranteed. 

LC006        Size: 3-13/16"  

Note - Adding 14 Lee Creek Megalodon & Chubutensis Teeth in June 2021. -> Link To LC Megs  & Chubs