Carcharocles megalodon

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A Top Quality Lee Creek Megalodon tooth - upper jaw lateral tooth from Aurora, No. Carolina. This Megalodon has an excellent BLUE colored crown with a light tan band at the base, an excellent light brown colored bourlette, and a red brown root. Exceptional color! Highest quality enamel. The bourlette is excellent and perfect. The serrations are razor sharp with a good tip serration and 100% complete. The root is an excellent red brown color with a typical hydration crack. This Megalodon was found in the Pungo River Formation, Lee Creek mine, Aurora, No. Carolina (Miocene age = 14.5 MYA). A fine example Lee Creek Megalodon tooth considering the shape, color, and preservation. An exceptional color collector's tooth from the old days at Lee Creek mine! NO repair! Authenticity guaranteed. A near Perfect tooth.

LC008            Size: 3-1/16"  

Note - Adding 14 Lee Creek Megalodon & Chubutensis Teeth in June 2021. -> Link To LC Megs  & Chubs