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An Ultra Rare Top Quality Pachychephalosaurus wyomingensis premaxillary tooth (partially rooted) from the late Cretaceous of northern North America. This tooth is often referred to as the Pachy "Fang". All serrations are present. Tooth is still attached to the original Lance Creek Fm.m matrix. Pachychephalosaurus is the dinosaur which is famous for its large domed head surrounded by spikes. The enamel is excellent quality with excellent color and patina. The tooth has a crack. No repair or restoration. An ultra rare Pachy premaxillary tooth! Legally collected on private land in the Lance Creek Fm., Weston Co., Wyoming. An excellent collector's quality Pachychephalosaurus tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. A great display piece!

DP02       SIZE: 11/16"+  

Note - Adding 10 new Pachy spikes / teeth in June 2021.       Link to Pachy fossils catalog