Edestus heinrichi

I01 BoP2
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An ultra rare, Top Quality EXTRA LARGE Edestus heinrichi shark whorl section with 3 big crowns, from Herrin, Illinois. An April Fossil of the Month. This is a Paleozoic shark that lived in swamps that our now underground coal deposits. Excellent preservation and serrations. Note - extra long root whorl section with 3 extra large crowns - very rare. The Edestus shark would have an upper and lower tooth whorl that are vertically opposed. Research showed that they could use their opposing teeth in a scissor-like motion to cut prey. It is the first animal to cut vertically. A very strange looking and unique acting shark. Shark recreation image is credited to Julio Lacerdo. These rare teeth are Pennsylvanian age from Illinois. Note - Two crown tips were professionally retored. Authenticity guaranteed. Three crown whorl sections are rare! 

I01 BoP            SIZE: 1-3/4" teeth   (Whorl  7-1/4")

Adding 15 Edestus shark specimens in April 2021.    Link to Edestus shark.