Deltadromeus agilis

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A TOP QUALITY Deltadromeus tooth from the Cretaceous Kem Kem deposits of Morocco. Sharp serrations. Excellent preservation. An excellent tooth from a mid size Cretaceous theropod. No cracks. No repair or restoration. These teeth are very uncommon. Please see my Deltadromeus tooth discussion below. This is my best estimate of this species based upon the characteristics of this theropod and distingusihing it from other known Kem-Kem theropod species. No one can assign a tooth to this species with certainty as discussed below. A fantastic Deltadromeus collector's tooth.

M1268        Size: 1-5/16"

Note - 5 new Deltadromeus Raptor teeth added in November 2020.       Link to Abelisurid / Raptor teeth