Carcharocles megalodon

ST451 BoP-1
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An Ultra Rare, Top Quality 5" Sharktooth Hill Megalodon tooth found in the Round Mountain Silt near Bakersfield, California. A location that produces very few Megalodon teeth and one of the toughest Megs to locate. A November 2020 Fossil of the Month. This tooth is still embeded in its original Round Mountain silt matrix. Highest quality enamel with a super rare, natural solid WHITE color. This tooth is truly white, and the color is not due to mineralization or sun bleaching. The bourlette is a white color and complete. The serrations are extra large and 100% complete (please note that 1/8" of the tip was professionally restored). The root is nicely articulated and complete. Also note the large grooves on the root ends - a Miocene trait. This is a middle Miocene Meg - very unique!  100% natural. No repair or restoration other the very tip. You will not see these middle Miocene Sharktooth Hill Megs from Bakersfield, California very often. One of the rarest Megs - naturally white colored and from Sharktooth Hill! Authenticity guaranteed. Museum Quality. An exceptional collector piece that came out of a 25 year old old collection! A fantastic display from the old Ernst Whale site.

ST451 BoP         Size: 5"   (3-5/8" W)

Note - Adding four Sharktooth Hill Meg teeth in November 2020.    Link to Sharktooth Hill Meg Teeth.