Carcharodon megalodon

NC001 BoP3
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An ultra rare, 5-3/4" Top Quality Red Site Carcharocles megalodon from the Meherrin River, North Carolina. The "Jaguar" Megalodon tooth. A May Fossil of the Month. This Meg is a BIG upper jaw anterior tooth from the Meherrin River copper-red site. NC001 has an incredible black and copper-red colored crown. Fantastic color! The enamel is the highest quality. The serrations are extra large and essentially complete with a big tip serration. Incredible serrations for a BIG Megalodon tooth. Bourlette is extra large, dark brown and 98% complete.The root is complete with very small hydration cracks. Definitely a Miocene Meg with serration bumps at base and groove on the root end sides. Note - there is a small area of restoration with the enamel of the non-display side in the center just above the root. Note - you rarely see a copper-red colored Megalodon tooth that has a top quality crown and serrations and a complete root - a top 1% tooth from this site!  An old collection piece from the rarest location to find a large, top quality Megalodon tooth - rarer than Chile, Peru, Bone Valley, etc. You may not see another large, top quality Meherrin River Meg for quite some time! Museum Quality. Incredible color! Authenticity guaranteed.  A special BIG Meg!     

NC001 BoP3        SIZE: 5-3/4"    

Adding 10 NC Copper-Red Megalodon teeth in May 2020.  Link to NC Red Megalodon teeth.