Carcharocles megalodon

P001 BoP3
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An ultra rare ~6" Top Quality, Classic Peruvian Megalodon tooth. A March Fossil of the Month. This Megalodon has an incredible white colored crown (top 2/3) and fades to a light lavender-tan color on bottom 1/3 with red-brown speckles throughout. This is a true bright white Meg! (And difficult to photograph properly - my apologies.) The bourlette is a light tan with the red-brown speckles throughout. The root is a mix of white, tan and red-brown speckles. Incredible color! Highest quality enamel. The bourlette is excellent and 100% complete. The serrations are extra large and essentially complete. Excellent serrations for a BIG Meg! The root is nicely articulated, extra wide, and complete with no hydration cracks. This Megalodon was found in the Ocucate area of Peru (Miocene age). Note -  about 1/8" of the tip and the very bottom of each root end (~1/8") were professionally restored. Very hard to see any work was done. One of the finest ~6" examples of a classic Peruvian Miocene Megalodon tooth considering the shape, color, and preservation. An exceptional collector's tooth from the old days!  A Museum Quality Megalodon.  Authenticity guaranteed. Super rare colors! Super rare location!

P001 BoP3        Size: 5-7/8"    (4-9/16" W)