Carcharocles megalodon

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A rare Top Quality, BIG CLASSIC Chile Megalodon tooth from the phosphate layer, Bahia Inglesa Fm., Caldera area, Chile. This tooth is nicely displayed on its original phosphorite matrix. Note - the pebbly phosphorite makes an interesting base which elevates the tip about 15 degress for a great display. A gorgeous light tan colored crown with no enamel peel. High quality enamel with very light mineral staining (as shown). The bourlette is an excellent deep mahogany brown color, large and 85% complete. The serrations are razor sharp and complete with an excellent tip serration. The root is rich red-brown color, extra wide (5") with excellent surface articulation, and 100% complete. Fantastic color. Exceptional "eye appeal". Great symmetry. No repair or restoration. A Museum Quality BIG Chilean Megalodon tooth from the old days! Note - these incredible BIG Chilean collector's Megs simply do not exist any more! Great display. Authenticity guaranteed. A fantastic display. Unfortunately there are no more teeth coming from this site!

C101       Size:  6-3/8"  (5" W)

Note - Adding two Chilean Megs in Feb. 2020.  ->  Link to Chile Megs