Minicryphaeus giganteus

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A Rare, "Flying" Minicryphaeus giganteus trilobite. Another November Fossil of the Month. The specimen has been expertly prepared to make it completely free standing in a flying position. This is a BIG trilobite with a very unique design. Incredible shell and spine preservation and incredible size for this rare species! A well defined rostrum and excellent compound eyes. Note-  a rather new trilobite which was first described and named in 2014. An Early Devonian (410 mya) trilobite from the Jbel El Mrakib area, Atlas Mts., Morocco. Authenticity guaranteed. A very large and well preserved trilobite. Stands 4-1/2" tall - an incredible display! Much better than typical examples in the market. The BEST collector's quality! Museum Quality.

XM48        Size: 3-3/8"  x  1-3/4" W  ;  Specimen mount is 4-1/2" tall.

Note - More than 20 high quality Devonian age Moroccan trilobite species for sale. Authenticity guaranteed.  -->  Link to Moroccan Trilobites.