Ceretarges sp.

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A high quality, rare spiny Ceretarges trilobite and a Phacops speculator trilobite on original matrix. It is beautifully prepared to fully exposed the long & free standing spines and large elongated eye appendages. The Phacops is aslo good quality. These trilobite shells are all natural with no colorization. The Devonian trilobites from Jebel Issoumour deposits are world renowned for their incredible preservation and beauty. Finding two quality trilobites in proximity is always rare. An incredible museum quality display piece. Ceretarges is one of my favorite species! Authenticity guaranteed.

XM01        Size: 2" Ceretarges  & 1-3/4" Phacops 

Note - More than 20 high quality Devonian age Moroccan trilobite species for sale. Authenticity guaranteed.  -->  Link to Moroccan Trilobites