Carcharocles megalodon

P001 BoP-1
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An ultra rare Top Quality, 5-5/16" Classic Peruvian Megalodon tooth. An October Fossil of the Month. This Megalodon has an incredible light brown & charcoal colored crown with an exceptional light tan bourlette. Highest quality enamel. Fantastic color! The bourlette is excellent and essentially complete with a unique inverted "V" - very cool. The serrations are extra large and razor sharp with a partial extra large tip serration. Excellent serrations! The root is an excellent tan color, nicely articulated, and complete with very small hydration cracks. This Megalodon was found in the Ocucate area of Peru (Miocene age). Note -  the "root ears" on the root, grooves on the side of the root lobes, and the exceptionally large serrations - all Miocene traits.  One of the finest 5"+ examples of a classic Peruvian Miocene Megalodon tooth considering the shape, color, and preservation. An excellent collector's tooth from the old days!  A Museum Quality Megalodon.  Authenticity guaranteed.

P001 BoP        Size: 5-5/16""  (3-3/4" W)