Carcharocles megalodon

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A rare, TOP QUALITY Megalodon tooth with Golden Pyrite - an upper jaw anterior tooth from So. Carolina. An October Fossil of the Month. Top quality enamel - very glossy with a BLACK color. The black bourlette is complete. Note - Pyrite covers the entire top of the root (display side) and the center of the bourlette - perfect placement. The razor sharp serrations are essentially complete with a great tip serration. The root is black colored and complete with no hydration cracks. This is a Miocene age Megalodon with well defined "root ears" at the base of the crown and grooves on the side of the root lobes. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteedA rare BLACK collector's Megalodon tooth covered with Pyrite Gold. A Museum Quality tooth.

SC012        Size: 4-3/16"