Carcharocles megalodon

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A TOP QUALITY Megalodon tooth from the Miocene of Georgia with a rare bite mark on the display side. You can easily see the serration chisel-like impressions!  The enamel is the Highest Quality with few hydration cracks. The crown has a cool indigo blue color. An exceptional, black colored bourlette which is nearly complete.  Razor sharp serrations including a good tip serration. The root is  excellent red-brown color, nicely articulated, and complete. A fantastic color combination. Note - these Georgia Megs are fantastic - essentially no sign of wear and excellent perservation. An exceptional color collector's Megalodon tooth with a bite mark from Georgia. No repair. No restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. Another near PERFECT Georgia Megalodon tooth. 

G109            Size: 3-1/8"