Isurus xiphodon

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An incredibly sized, Top Quality Mako shark tooth (Isurus xiphodonfrom Chile. This MONSTER sized Mako tooth measures 2-7/8" - a huge lower jaw PRINCIPAL ANTERIOR tooth. Highest quality enamel! Excellent color. Incredible "gum line". This was a big shark. Exceptional preservation - note the preserved nutrient hole on the root. Absolutely no repair or restoration. Please note that this tooth was initially thought to be a GW transition tooth, but there is insuffucuent serration development. A few serrations on one side near the base of the crown. I also added a couple of new close up photos and they do not support GW transition tooth classification. A rare BIG Chilean Mako shark tooth. You don't see these big, top quality Mako teeth any more.  No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed.

C202          Size: 2-7/8"

Note - Adding 7 new Chilean Great White Transition teeth in August 2019    Link to Great White shark teeth