Carcharocles megalodon 

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A rare, MONSTER SIZED 6-1/2"  Megalodon tooth - an Upper Jaw Principal Anterior tooth from So. Carolina. A Big BLACK Meg tooth with an extra wide crown. High quality enamel. The black bourlette is large and mostly complete. Sharp serrations with an excellent tip serration. Exceptional serrations for a BIG Megalodon tooth. Excllent symmetry. The only challenge is the root needed some repair as well as well as 1" section of serrations at the right side base. Authenticity guaranteed. A rare BIG, serrated SC Megalodon collector's tooth.  Excellent eye appeal! It is extremely challenging to find a 6-1/2"+ tooth with excellent serrations and no crown damage...

SC001         Size: 6-1/2"   (5" W)

Note - Added 12 new SC Megalodon teeth in July 2019  ->  Link to Megalodon teeth.