Wooly Mammoth Tooth

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A fantastic, top quality, Mammuthus primigenius, Wooly Mammoth tooth from Siberia. This tooth is a manageable size for most collectors at 5-1/4”  x 4-1/2" straight line measurement. It is a tooth of a sub-adult mammoth which lived in the late Pleistocene Ice Age some 20,000 plus years ago. This is a complete tooth with rich red colors. Root is fully intact - very rare. There is surface cracking, but the tooth is stabile. This is your opportunity to own a Wooly Mammoth tooth from the Ice Age. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed.

R531          Size:  5-1/4" length x 2-1/8" width x 4-1/2" height  ;  2.4 lbs - fossil weight

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