Tyrannosaurus rex

DT01 BoP
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An Ultra Rare EXTRA LARGE, Top Quality Tyrannosaurus rex tooth. Another August 2018 Fossil of the Month. This Rex crown measures 4-1/2" (straightline) and is thick (1-9/16") - a massive Rex tooth. The enamel is very high quality and a rich dark brown color. Good posterior and anterior serrations with a small amount of natural tip wear. An extra wide base. This is a big and heavy tooth. Note - this tooth was cracked in a freeze cycle as evidenced by the cracks in the top half of the tooth. The preparator did a exceptional job prepping this tooth and it is rock solid now. A small area of the cutting edge was rebuilt about midway on both the anterior and posterior sides (see final photo). Excellent overall condition for a big Rex tooth. A incredibly rare & special tooth! T-Rex was the apex during the late Cretaceous with massive teeth capable of crushing its prey. See the detailed description to determine how to tell a real T-Rex tooth! Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Faith, Harding Co., So. Dakota. Authenticity guaranteed. Note - Riker frame included. The largest T-rex tooth (crown) that I have offered! Top quality Rex teeth over 4" are the holy grail of the dinosaur collecting world. You just can't find quality 4"+ teeth at any price. 

DT01 BoP      SIZE:  4-1/2"   (1-1/2" W)