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A High Quality Thescelosaurus neglectus pes ungual (foot claw) from the late Cretaceous of northern North AmericaThescelosaurus is a mid-sized dinosaur found in the Hell Creek formation. This claw is excellent quality with excellent color / patina. One crack is stabilized and the very end of the "wings" (the flat ledge below the blood groove) were filled for aesthetics - about a 1/16". Note - Thesc unguals are described as flat triangles.(see Thesc-Pachy claw differentiation discussion below). No restoration. A rare Thescelosaurus pes ungual! Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Carter Co., Montana. Excellent collector's quality Thescelosaurus claw. Note - claw comes with a Riker type frame. Authenticity guaranteed.

DI24        SIZE: 1-11/16"  

Note - Adding 4 new Thescelosarus claws in July 2018.       Link to Thesc fossils catalog