Otodus megalodon

G109 BoP
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An incredible Top Quality Megalodon tooth from Georgia and a June 2018 Fossil of the Month. The crown has a fantastic charcoal gray with light gray and black serrations. The crown also has a very unique wide” spade-like” shape. The enamel is the Highest Quality; glass-like with few hydration cracks! An exceptional, extra large black bourlette – nearly perfect. Razor sharp serrations including an exceptional tip serration. Nearly perfect serrations! The root is nicely articulated, brown colored, and complete. This Georgia Meg is very special – a real “looker”. Definitely a Miocene age Meg tooth with small Chubutensis like bumps at the base of the crown and grooves along the edge of the root lobes. Note - these Georgia Megs are fantastic - essentially no sign of wear and excellent preservation. You would think that these Georgia teeth were collected from a land site with the degree of perfection that they exhibit. A near Perfect Meg tooth. An exceptional collector's Megalodon tooth from Georgia. Authenticity guaranteed. Exceptional eye appeal! My of my favorites!

G109 BoP           Size: 4-7/8"