Pappocetus lugardi (Early whale)

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An Ultra Rare, Extra Large Pappocetus lugardi (Andrews, 1920) jaw section with 3 complete molars from Morocco. Note – the molars demonstrate how massive Pappocetus teeth compared to the later primitive whales!  The root thickness doubles on one side and the crown gains depth as well. This material is a new find and represents one of the earliest transition forms of the whale. Pappocetus is a protocetid (see discussion below) and a large amphibious aquatic carnivore. Pappocetus is also an ancestor of the Basilosaurus. This material is complete and without repair. Crack fill only on some pieces. This is an opportunity to own an incredibly rare specimen from an early evolutionary stage of the modern whale. A fantastic collector's specimen. Authenticity guaranteed.

M2103          Size: 3-3/4"  (W - straight line)  (3-1/2" height)

Mid. Eocene (Bartonian) age  (40 MYA)

Gueran, (25 km SE of Boujdour), Boujdour Basin

West Sahara, Morocco