Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (Manus & Pes Claw set)

M1248 BoP
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A TOP QUALITY, Juvenile Spinosaurus aegyptiacus hand (manus) and foot (pes) claw from the Kem-Kem region of Morocco. An excellent manus and pes claw. The manus claw has one crack near tip - no fill. All original. Excellent rich tan. Exceptional surface - no pitting, nicks or wear! An excellent quality, collector's claw set from a juvenile Spinosaurus. Check out our selection of top quality Spinosaurus claws! Authenticity guaranteed.  Note - a Riker frame will be included.

M1248 BoP     Size: 2-15/16"  (manus)  ;  1-1/2" (pes)