Carcharodon carcharias

C1201 BoP2
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An incredibly sized, GEM Great White shark tooth from Chile. Another December 2017 Fossil of the Month.This ULTRA RARE, MONSTER sized Great White tooth measures ~2-3/4" - a huge upper jaw PRINCIPAL ANTERIOR tooth. Highest quality enamel! Excellent color. The serrations are exceptional with an excellent tip serration. Incredible, large "gum line". Extra wide root. This was a big shark. Exceptional preservation - note the preserved nutrient hole on the root. Absolutely no repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. The PERFECT BIG Chilean Great White tooth. My finest remaining exceptionally large tooth. You won't see these big, top quality GW teeth any more. The BEST of the BEST!

C1201          Size: 2-11/16" (2" W)