Otodus chubutensis

LC024 BoP
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An EXTRA LARGE, TOP QUALITY, classic Lee Creek Chubutensis tooth (predecessor of Megalodon) - upper jaw ANTERIOR tooth. Another December 2017 Fossil fo the Month.This Chubutensis has an incredible light gray colored crown with fades to a golden tan. The bourlette is essentially complete and a great light brown color. Highest quality enamel with a no hydration cracks. Exceptional color! The serrations are razor sharp - near perfect with a needle-like tip serration. The root is an excellent light tan color and absolutely complete. This Chubutensis was found in the Pungo River Formation, Lee Creek mine, NC (Miocene age = 14.5 MYA). NO repair! Authenticity guaranteeed. One of the finest examples of a classic Lee Creek Megs considering the shape, color, and preservation. Incredible size and eye appeal. An exceptional collector's tooth from the old days at Lee Creek mine! 

LC024 BoP           Size: 3-7/16"