Comura bultyncki

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A beautifully prepared Comura bultyncki trilobite. The collector's favorite spiny trilobite. Dozens of large spines fully exposed requiring many dozens of hours of air abrasion. One of the most difficult species to prepare. The Comura has very ornate spiny trilobite design with excellent compound eyes! Excellent shell and spine preservation. Good size. A rare species! The ultimate Middle Devonian (395 mya) spiny trilobite from the Oufaten area, Atlas Mts., Morocco. Authenticity guaranteed. One of my favorite spiny trilobites!

XM05          Size: 2"  x  1-1/4"

Note - More than 20 high quality Devonian age Moroccan trilobite species for sale. Authenticity guaranteed.  -->  Link to Moroccan Trilobites.