Akantharges mbareki

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A rare Akantharges mbareki trilobite. This rare trilobite species has only been available for 5 years. A very ornate design with spines and tubercles on its cephalon and pygidium! This species appears to be armored or designed to blend into its environment for protection. Excellent shell and spine preservation. Good size. A very rare species! A Middle Devonian (395 mya) trilobite from the Tinejdad area, Atlas Mts., Morocco. Authenticity guaranteed. A very unusual trilobite species!

XM04        Size: 1-1/4"  x  1-1/4"

Note - More than 20 high quality Devonian age Moroccan trilobite species for sale. Authenticity guaranteed.  -->  Link to Moroccan Trilobites.