Carcharocles megalodon      

NC018 BoP
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The second December Fossil of the Month - "Best of No. Carolina Megalodons" is an ultra rare, GEM North Carolina Carcharocles megalodon - upper jaw anterior tooth from the copper-red site. It has an exceptional copper-red colored crown with an exceptional dark brown bourlette - 100% complete. Highest quality enamel with no hydration cracks. Razor sharp serrations with a sharp tip serration. Perfect serrations. The root is complete and very nicely articulated with essentially no hydration cracks. Note - you rarely see a copper-red Meg that has a top quality crown, bourlette, root and, serrations - a top 1% tooth from this site! Definitely, one of the finest copper-red Megalodon teeth that I have seen! The BEST of the BEST. The PERFECT NC Megalodon tooth! NC018 SIZE: 3-11/16"