Goniatities sp. , an early Ammonite relative

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A FANTASTIC polished display piece with two exposed EXTRA LARGE ammonites and an orthoceras. A third ammonite is also exposed when viewed from the top. All showing the intricate internal chamber structure.The rock matrix is a beautiful marble material and the Ammonite cavities are mineral filled! These ammonites and orthoceras are beautifully polished. This display measures  8"  x  14" and weighs 12 pounds. You rarely see top quality, extra large ammonites and Orthoceras in the same matrix block. An incredible, rarely seen display item!

Name: Goniatities sp. and Orthoceras sp. , Age: Devonian (350 MM years ago), Location: Atlas Mt., Morocco

M2060         Size: 5-1/2"  &  4-1/2" Ammonites with a 4-1/2" Orthoceras