Platybelodon (Gomphotherium relative)

X608 BoP
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A beautifully perserved Miocene Platybelodon (Gomphotherium relative) molar.  This strange ancestral elephant had two large shovel tusks on the front of its lower jaw. Excellent evenly worn cusps. Partial root section. Well fossilized. Weighs 3 lbs+. No damage. No repair. An exceptional display piece from an unusual species.

X608  BoP              Size: 7-1/2"  x  3-1/4" W  x  3-1/2" H 

Name: Platybelodon (Gomphotherium relative)

Age:  Miocene - Pliocene

Location: Linxia Basin, Gansu, Northwestern China

Please note the this item was legally obtained in the US in the early 1980s.