Brittle Star

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A fantastic Brittle Star display piece. Seven LARGE, TOP QUALITY Ophiura sp. Brittle Star specimens and a carpoid from El Caid Romi, Morocco. A February Fossil of the Month. The largest Brittle Star measures 6" in length. The carpoid is an extinct echinoderm related to starfish. Incredible detail. Excellent preservation and preparation. Ordovician age. This Brittle star is from El Caid Romi, Morocco.  No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. A rare, top quality collector's display piece. This is the real deal! This plate weighs 14 pounds. Note: Domestic and international  orders with free shipping will incur a shipping surcharge cost. Please request quote. 

X178         SIZE:  6"  (largest - 7 specimens)

Note - Adding 10 Brittle Star & Starfish specimens in February 2024.    Link to Brittle Stars