Araucarioxylon - Petrified Wood - Arizona

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A Top Quality Araucarioxylon arizonicum, petrified wood polished slab display from Williams, Arizona.  A November Fossil of the Month. This petrified wood is from the Chinle Fm. and is Triassic age (210 MYA). A natural fossil wood section relaced by silica with rainbow colors. Great oval shape. This colorful slab is ready to display with a stand. This piece exhibits exceptional preservation and color. Authenticity guaranteed. An exceptional old collection display piece!   Note - This items weighs 9.5 lbs and will require a shipping supplement to free shipping offers. 

PW05      SIZE:   10"  x  9"  x  1-1/2" thick

Note - Adding 23 petrified wood specimens in November 2023 --> Link to petrified wood