Blue Petrified Wood - Indonesia

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A Top Quality BLUE petrified limb section from Java, Indonesia. This petrified wood is Pliocene age (3 MYA). A natural fossil wood section that is covered with light blue (crystaline opal?) mineral. It appears to be from one of the secret Indonesian blue opal sites, but this limb had no cavities for the opal to form. Limb section length is 8-1/2" and makes a good display with a fantastic blue color. This piece exhibits good preservation and color. Authenticity guaranteed. An exceptional old collection display piece!   Note - This items weighs 3.75 lbs and will require a shipping supplement to free shipping offers. 

PW14     SIZE:   2-1/2" x  2-1/4" x  8-1/2" long

Note - Adding 23 petrified wood specimens in November 2023 --> Link to petrified wood