Otodus megalodon - Sharktooth Hill

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An ultra rare, top quality 5-1/8" Sharktooth Hill Megalodon tooth found in the Round Mountain Silt near Bakersfield, California. A location that produces very few Megalodon teeth and one of the toughest Megs to locate. An October Fossil of the Month.  This Megalodon tooth has the highest quality enamel with a great tan color. The bourlette is a red brown color and 80% complete. The root is nicely articulated and complete. The serrations are complete with a great tip serration - incredible serrations for a Sharktooth Hill Meg tooth! This is a middle Miocene Meg. Note - the "Chubutensis-like" bumps at the base of the serrated edge - very unique - an early Miocene Meg tooth feature!  100% natural. No repair or restoration. You do not see these middle Miocene Sharktooth Hill Megs from Bakersfield, California very often. One of the rarest Megs! Authenticity guaranteed. An incredible Museum Quality Sharktooth Hill Megalodon tooth that came out of a 25 year old old collection!  A custom display stand is included. You rarely see a 5"+ Top Quality STH Meg tooth for sale - an extremely rare piece.

ST451          Size: 5-1/8"   (3-7/8" wide)