Necklace - Peru Mako

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Wire wrapped Peruvian fossil Great White and Mako shark teeth for necklaces. An EXTRA LARGE, excellent incredibly colorful Mako shark tooth. These teeth have a simple aluminum wire wrap and come with a leatherette necklace cord with a simple clasp (*** upon request as noted below). The leatherette necklace cords come in nine colors. These are authentic Miocene or Pliocene fossil shark teeth. Just in time for your summer fun! Note: there are 9 leatherette cord colors available - black, brown, lime, orange, red, blue, pink, magento or purple. *** Please make a selection your necklace color and send us an email (cord at no cost).

Type: Mako   Item: P01J    Size: 2-5/8”    

Note - Adding 25 Peruvian Great White and Mako skark necklaces in July 2023.   Link to Shark Tooth Necklaces