Basilosaurus cetoides (Archaeocete whale)

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A TOP QUALITY, very rare Basilosaurus cetoides, an Archaeocete whale tooth found in the Flint River, GeorgiaAn exceptional premolar (PM1) tooth (see photo for tooth positions). An excellent brown colored crown and root. Nicely articulated. Incredible preservation!  Note - the enamel tip shows a small wear pattern on crown. Whales do not shed their teeth like the sharks so there teeth will wear with age. An Eocene age tooth (35 MYA).  No repair or restoration. A great Archaeocete tooth from the Flint River, Georgia.  A very rare collector's tooth from an old collection. Complete tooth!

G1003       SIZE: 3-5/8" 

Note - Adding a collection of 27 Basilosaurus teeth from Florida and Georgia in July 2023.   Link to Basilosaurus teeth.