Carcharomodus escheri                

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A LARGE, rare Top Quality Carcharomodus escheri, a "serrated Mako" shark tooth - upper jaw anterior tooth from the "De Kuilen" sand pit, Mill, The Netherlands. The Carcharomodus escheri  was named as a new genus in 2015 based upon a crenulated cutting edge ("wavy serrations"), slender & distally inclined crown, and side cusplets. This tooth has excellent color and preservation. Sharp cutting edge. Two side cusplets. The age is late Miocene (approx. 6-8 million years ago). An excellent rare collector's tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. A difficult tooth to source.

N002        SIZE: 2"

Note - Adding 17 Netherlands Carcharomodus escheri teeth in July 2023.  Link to Netherlands Escheri teeth