Timurlengia euotica - Tyrannosaur tooth

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A Top Quality Timurlengia euotica tooth from the late Cretaceous (Turonian) in northern Central Asia. A June Fossil of the Month. Timurlengia was discovered in 2016 in the Bissekty Fm  (90 MYA), and it filled a gap in the Tyrannosaur family ancestry. This tooth measures 1-1/2" - an excellent Tyrannosaur tooth. The enamel is high quality with excellent color. Excellent anterior and posterior serrations. Serrated to the tip. Wide base at 5/8". No cracks, repair or restoration. Found in the Kyzylkum Desert, Uzbekistan. Authenticity guaranteed. A very rare and special collector's tooth. 

DY31         SIZE: 1-1/2"   (5/8" wide)

Note - Added 18 new Tyrannosaur teeth in June 2023.       Link to Tyrannosaur teeth catalog.