Tyrannosaur tooth

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An EXTRA LARGE, Top Quality Tyrannosaur tooth from the late Cretaceous (Campanian) in northern North America. Please note that this tooth could AlbertosaurusGorgosaurus or Daspletosaurus - see Detailed Discussion below. A June Fossil of the Month. This tooth measures 1-13/16" - an excellent Tyrannosaur tooth. The enamel is high quality with excellent color. Excellent anterior and posterior serrations. Serrated to the tip. Wide base at 3/4". No cracks, repair or restoration. Legally collected on private land in the Horseshoe Canyon Fm. (Horsethief Member) , Alberta, Canada. Probably an excellent Albertosaurus tooth based on size and roundness of the tooth cross-section. Authenticity guaranteed. This is my of my best Albertosaurus teeth. A very special collector's tooth.  Disposition number: 000028-29

DY21        SIZE: 1-13/16"   (3/4" wide)

Note - Added 18 new Tyrannosaur teeth in June 2023.       Link to Tyrannosaur teeth catalog.