Columbian Mammoth

X605 BoP
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A rare pair of associated Gem Quality Mammoth molars from northern Florida. A March Fossil of the Month. Exceptional light brown color and preservation. Great color and luster!  This is the Columbian Mammoth, an extinct elephant ancestor with long, curved tusks that evolved in the Pliocene of North America. Nicely articulated chewing surfaces. A pair of complete roots with fantastic articulation. Weighs 7.25 bs. with stand. No damage. No repair or restoration. A rare collector's pair of associated Mammoth teeth. Authenticity guaranteed. The custom stand makes a wonderful display. Note: international shipping cost will be calculated. Please request quote.

X605 BoP   Size (largest specimen): 6-1/4" Length  x  3-5/16" width x  4-1/8'' high    (Height on stand is 8")

Name: Columbian Mammoth   

Age: Pliocene - Pleistocene  

Location: Northern Florida

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