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A Top Quality Miocene-Pliocene Mastodon molar from Beaufort Co., So. Carolina. Excellent color (green & tan) and detail. Great color!  An extinct elephant ancestor that inhabited North America during the late Miocene to late Pliocene. This molar is a gorgeous with little natural cusp wear. Excellent articulation. This is an exceptionally well fossilized Mastodon specimen. Weighs 3 bs. with stand. No damage. No repair or restoration. An exceptional, color collector's Mastodon tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. A ready display that comes with a custom stand. Note: international shipping cost will be calculated. Please request quote.

X610    Size (specimen): 6-1/4" Length  x   3-1/4" width x 2'' high (Height on stand is 4-1/2")

Name: Mastodon    

Age: Miocene - Pliocene    

Location: Beaufort Co., So. Carolina

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