Cave Lion - Panthera spelaea

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A rare, LARGE Top Quality Cave Lion canine tooth (Panthera spelaea) from Yakutia Region, Siberia. A March Fossil of the Month. Complete tooth with a small natural wear facet on the tip. The Cave Lions grew to ~7 feet in length and could up to weigh 700 lbs. Larger than the today's lions. Ice age (late Pleistocene). Complete tooth. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. You can own a rare and wonderful story piece from the Ice Age!  Note - this tooth comes with a 3-1/2" 3D floating display frame.

Name: Panthera spelaea     Age: Late Pleistocene     

Location: Yakutia Region, Siberia

R600             SIZE: 4-1/16"   (1-1/8" Wide)

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