Carcharocles angustidens

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An ultra rare EXTRA LARGE, Top Quality Angustidens - upper jaw lateral tooth from Summerville, So. CarolinaA January Fossil of the Month. Highest quality enamel. Bourlette is an excellent large brown color and 100% complete. Exceptional serrations, tip, and cusps. The root is massive - extra wide (3-1/4"), extra thick (1-1/8") and complete with erosion on one root end. Excellent color and preservation. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. A BIG collector's Angustidens tooth. Perfect serrations. You don't see top quality 4" teeth very often. 

SC503          SIZE: 3-1/8"   (3-1/4" Wide)  

Note - Adding 20 new Angustidens teeth in January 2023.   -->   Link to Angustidens teeth.