Dakotaraptor steini (Raptor)

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A RARE, Top Quality Dakotaraptor steini (raptor) tooth. A small or subadult adult specimen. Dakotaraptor steini is one of two recently described Hell Creek Fm. raptors. This tooth is 7/16". The enamel is excellent with a great dark brown. This tooth does not have the multiple prominent longitudinal "ribs" run the length of the crown. Excellent large posterior and small anterior serrations. See unique crown characteristic discussion below. No cracks. No repair. Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Powder River Co., Montana. Authenticity guaranteed. This is your chance to own a rare, top quality Acheroraptor temertyorum tooth.  Note - A gem jar will be included as photographed. 

DR13       SIZE: 7/16"

Note - Adding 10 new Acheroraptor / Dakotaraptor teeth in August 2022      Link to Raptor (Dromaeosaur) catalog.